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A learner’s license is a certificate assigned by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) which serves as a temporary and restricted driving license. Which is usually issued to someone who’s learning how to drive.

You can visit our website fill the form and select for Learner License and apply for it. You need to take print of the properly filled-in ONLINE application with the reference number and submit at your preferred RTO office. If anywhere the ONLINE transactions are not authorized, the applicants can apply the prescribed CMV Form-2 / Unified Form to the jurisdictional licensing authority.

A learner license is valid for six months.

In every city, the waiting period for RTO’s call to submit the documents is quite different. For learning license, all you need to do is pass an online on basic traffic rules and signs. But get a permanent license it is necessary to pass the driving test. You can get the permanent license in 15 to 30 days depending on the city your applying from.

The documents to be carried with you to the RTO office is mentioned below, 

  1. Print out of online submitted application form & Form1A.
  2. Appointment letter.
  3. Payment receipt. 

Yes, it is mandatory to attach Form 1A ( Medical Fitness).

You can Visit >>select State > and click on Apply online >select Application status. 

You can visit the below-mentioned link and apply for a re-appointment. >> Select State >> and Click on “Appointments ( slot booking) >> Learner’s license Test link. 

No. You need to apply for a Driving license and finish your driving test before your Learner License gets expired. 

In case you happen to miss your License Test, You need to take a re-appointment.

If you fail your License, You need to pay the Re-test fee and schedule a fresh appointment.

Fill and submit the provided Application on the website & check the application status click on the pending payment flow option and complete payment.

If in case your payment access is denied, you need to try again after 1 or 2 hrs from the fee payment link.

Consult the concerned RTO. There is no provision to change the address after submission of the application.

Some RTOs do not carry the ability of online slot booking. If the facility of online booking is there but the slots are not available, consult the concerned RTO as the slots are issued as per their requirements.


A DRIVING LICENSE is a valid proof issued by a certified authority, which indicates that the license holder is legally allowed to drive a vehicle in any public place. Such a person is qualified to drive the vehicle belonging to the particular kind of vehicle which is mentioned in his/her driving license.

According to new laws, the authorities are still considering the option of holding people who are over 72-75 years old from getting a driving license.

Yes, you can. But you need to hold one ID proof and local address proof to apply for Driving License from any city. And you must know how to drive as the driving test is conducted at the RTO office. You apply in any state, the license is valid in any state of India.

If you have a valid license from one state, you can use it in any other states that you visit. But, if permanently shift to another state, you’ll have to take a trip to the local department of motor vehicles to apply for a new license. Usually, you need to do this within 30 days after moving to the new state.

If you fail the driving license test in the first chance, after 7 days you can apply for a re-test.

The subjects covered in a preliminary driving test are 1. “Traffic Signs”, “Traffic Signals” and “Rules and Regulations” as declared in the MV Act. 2. Duties of drivers on road. 3. Precautions to be taken while driving. 4. Documents required while Driving.

The license can be renewed within 5 years of its expiry. But driving with an expired license is considered to be an offence and you can end up paying fines or even imprisonment.

The validity period of a Driving License for a private vehicle is either 20 years or an age of 50 years. But, the validity of a commercial Driving License is for three years.

Yes, if one is pronounced guilty for not carrying a Driving License then a challan amount or imprisonment or both can be compounded on the guilty.

Once you complete your online procedure, to proceed with your application, you should visit the concerned RTO office with the required documents as shown on the acknowledgment slip. You should also carry a copy of the payment receipt.

Try again by closing the application and start the procedure from the beginning.

If in case you want to change or edit your submitted documents, you can visit, Upload the desired document which will replace the old document. 

It indicates that the applicant needs to visit the concerned RTO for physical verification of documents and submit Biometrics to finish the process.

Once your application is filed, then the Application cancellation is a non-recoverable process. If you cancel your application (file) then it will be closed and cannot be restored. All the data and documents will become null and void. Fees once paid is not refunded on cancellation of the application.


No, You do not get a car to take the Behind-the-Wheel lessons. We give the training vehicle. Our tutors will pick you up and drop you off at your location registered on your enrollment.

Our Driving School uses brand new cars. These vehicles are strangely safe and offer a comfortable and excellent driving environment to make the lessons more accessible and pleasurable. Our vehicles go through meticulous inspections to secure our student’s safety.

Yes, based on students’ requirements, we offer extra lessons to make sure they can drive now, not only passing the test. Applying our unique grading system, students’ original needs and deficiencies become very obvious early throughout the lessons. Based on the instructor’s references, additional lessons are provided to perfect the student’s driving skills.

Instructors and students can take 5 to 10-minute breaks during Behind-the-Wheel training sessions.

The minimum age for drivers and renters is 19. The minimum age for drivers and renters on government orders is 18. Please be informed, the minimum age to rent Camaro SS Convertible (XTAR), Camaro SS Hardtop (USAR), and Hemi Charger (PXAR) is presently 25 years of age (Feb 2017)

The primary part of identification required to rent a vehicle is a valid driving license. The name and photo on the license must match the renter noted on the reservation and present at the counter.

However, that person would have to meet all the qualifications and restrictions as the primary renter.

You necessitate a clean driving record and a valid driving license to drive a rental car. We may check your driving record to confirm you meet our requirements.

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